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We provide a variety of security services and protections. They are described below.

Security Monitoring

Setting up and monitoring your security perimeter is vital to your overall security protection. We have the best state of the art equipment and systems and can install 24 hour monitoring.

Uniformed Event Security.

Events pose particular challenges to be hospitable but also safe. We can secure your next event so that nobody gets hurt and everybody has a good time. Screening, over-watch and whatever else is necessary.

Plainclothes Bodyguard.

Whether you are traveling in a war zone or back and forth to work everyday we can provide experienced world class body guards who can blend in and be ready for any eventuality.


These guard dogs receive as much training as US Marines. Usually one full year.  They are the best of best and that is all we will allow our clients to have. Our best all the time.

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Security Risks.

There are many risks to personal security and we are trained to deal with all of them. Some of them are shown below, but these do not cover all that exist, we do.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Timely Responses

Security issue needs timely response. Our officers are trained to respond to issues promptly without hesitation.

24/7 Communication

We keep all our communication channels opens 24/7. If you have an issue in the middle of the night, you can always rely on us.

Quick Rescue

Matters security are our heart beats. We will always come to your rescue. Never hesitate to engage us.

Emergency Help

Almost all security issues deserve emergency help and action.

Advance Technology

We are always updated in matters security. New threats need new and advanced technology.

Licensed Officers

All our officers undergo vigorous training to instill discipline and are licensed.


Numbers don’t lie. 98% of our customers would recommend Bravo Zulu Security to a friend. See what some of our clients think about us…

"Bravo Zulu Security Bodyguard services has completely surpassed our expectations. Man, we requested for this service late 48hrs to the event and they responded promptly. We are forever grateful."
James Morris Oduor
Manager, EverBlazing Entertaimement and Events
"Bravo Zulu Security Monitoring services saved my business. There were so many loopholes in our business premises. After the installation of CCTVs now we can monitor the business 24/7. Highly recommended. "
Silas Mwamba
Director, Jumbo Plus Wholesalers
"I'm good to go. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! It's the perfect solution for our events. I am really satisfied with my Bravo Zulu Security canine patrol services."
Janet Nakhumicha
CEO, JanNak Group of Companies

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